Your Thoughts About… You

What story are you telling yourself about yourself?

What story are you telling the world about yourself?

I bet most of us aren’t even aware that we are telling a story.

We look in the mirror and the thoughts just run by.

What do they look like?

I’m fat; I’m ugly; I have too many wrinkles; My hair is a mess!

Or, are you saying, I look good! I love my new hair style. This jacket looks great on me.

It’s more than just what we look like, our observation of ourselves. It is deeper than that.

 Who am I? Deep down, who am I?

I am damaged. I am not smart enough.

I am a powerful woman! I can do anything I decide to do.

The positive, the negative. The good and the bad.

It is all just a story we tell ourselves.

We think our thoughts, our stories, are FACTS.

Is the current story one that you want to continue to tell? Are you tired of your current story?

Or would you like to re-write the story? You can!

You are the author of your life and you are the editor of your life!

How you see yourself is one of the most important factors in what you will do, and ultimately, the results you get in your life.

Your thoughts have so much power.

You can change who you are, how you show up in the world, just by what you think of yourself.

It doesn’t matter what other people say about you, think about you.

You are defined only by what you think about yourself.

I can help you!

I am passionate about helping you live your best life!

Your life– your results in your life– begin with your beliefs, your thoughts. 

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!