You Are The CEO

As the CEO, you are responsible for the results in your business 

You are ultimately responsible for the vision, goals, marketing, finances, sales, and employees 

What is the specific result you want in your business? 

What would you have to do to get the results you desire? 

What feeling is going to be so strong to drive you to do the work? 

What thought can you believe strong enough to create the feeling that will motivate you to do the work to get the results you want?? 

As a REALTOR®, you are the CEO of your real estate business 

You are responsible for the marketing, dealing with clients, finances, contract writing, advertising and more 

Just because you can clearly define your thoughts, feeling, actions, and results, doesn’t mean that there won’t be obstacles in your way. 

I can guarantee that there will be many obstacles!! 

Interestingly, many will come from YOU—your negative and limiting thoughts will slow you down 

Be prepared to do the hard work and the “Thought work” to progress towards your goal 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

What do I think about myself as an entrepreneur? 

What do I expect of myself as an entrepreneur—my job description? 

What areas do I need to gain knowledge or skills? 

Let me help you evaluate your thoughts and goals, and help you become the CEO of your life 

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!