Where Do Feelings Come From?

Feelings, also known as emotions, are a vibration in your body

These vibrations are different from, say, hunger

Hunger starts in your body—stomach grumbling, and travels to your brain— “I think I’m hungry”

So, where do feelings come from?

Feelings start in your brain and travel to your body

How does this happen?

Feelings come from your thoughts

Your thoughts, the sentences in your mind, tell a story about what you make a situation mean

If you make it mean something positive, you will have a positive feeling associated with it

If you make it mean something negative, the reverse happens… you have negative feelings

When you tell or replay a story, how often do you blame the situation or circumstance for how you feel?

The situation, the circumstance, is always neutral.

When we have an opinion about the circumstance—the sentence in our mind—we give it meaning

When we give it meaning, feelings arise

Feelings do NOT come from circumstances—what other people do or say.

Feelings ALWAYS follow a thought

So, why do feelings matter?

Feelings are why we do, or don’t do, things in our life

The underlying “why” to what we do is how we think it will make us feel

Feelings have power

Feelings have the power to stop us from acting and the power to propel us to take massive action

The next time you recognize that you are experiencing a negative emotion, pay attention to the thought that is driving that feeling

You have a choice every day, thousands of times a day, to choose what you are making things mean in your life

Stop blaming others and situations for how you feel

Take responsibility

Make choices that benefit you

Choose to live the life you want to live.

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