The Trip Our Mind Takes Us On

When was the last time you booked a vacation?

Flights, hotel, car service?

I had been struggling to get this done for days.

I finally sat down, and hours later had it “perfect”.

I pulled out my credit card and paid for the trip.

I didn’t choose the “insurance” the first time.

Then, before I pressed “Accept”, I had this weird feeling… “Cindy, check the box”.

So, I did.

I received confirmation that all had been booked successfully.

A little while later, I decided to put all the trip details in my calendar.

All was going well until…you guessed it…there was an error!

My name was spelled incorrectly. OMG!!!

I spent over an hour, on and off hold, with the travel agency.

I was passed around from one department to the other.

The music, while on hold, was NOT calming at all.

I think my heartbeat was running at least 1 ½ times its normal rate.

Between the fast-paced and irritating music, my mind was creating all kinds of disastrous scenarios.

Those thoughts—and that music— were NOT helping my state of mind.

Finally, a live person came on the line to tell me all had been fixed; my confirmation had been corrected.

Thank goodness!!

I began to think—more clearly now—”What if they couldn’t correct my name?”

Well, I was within the 24-hour cancellation window. I could just cancel the reservation and start again.

So, really what was the worst that could happen?? Just those awful feelings I was already experiencing.

What a trip that was…and, I am not talking about my travel I had planned…the trip our mind takes us on.

Even for those of us who have practiced being better at choosing the thoughts that serve us.

Yes, I am not perfect, but I can help you in times like these.

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!