The Importance of Commitment

How are you doing on following through on your goal?

Have you already fallen off the wagon, per se?

Or, are you doing the hard work? Feeling uncomfortable, but doing the work anyway?

Tony Robbins once said, “The hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment.”

Commitment, in relation to the goals we set for ourselves, is doing the work to produce the result you desire…no matter what.

When we doubt ourselves, when we make mistakes, it is so easy to give up

We say, “It’s not worth it” or “I’ll never accomplish the result”

That’s not commitment

Commitment is deciding ahead of time; making the decision to go “all in” and not stopping until you reach your goal.

Say to yourself, “I will achieve this result no matter what. No matter how many times I stumble. No matter what others say about my goal. I believe in the goal. I believe in myself.”

Get out of the mindset of “I wish”, “I want”, “I hope”.

Instead, begin your thoughts with “I will” or “I am”

Try these new thoughts on. How do they feel?

Reach for your dreams.

Do the hard work.

Accomplish your goal, no matter what!!

I am passionate about helping you live your best life!

Your life– your results in your life– begin with your beliefs, your thoughts. 

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