Scheduling With Results In Mind

When was the last time that you filled your calendar with to-do’s? 

Maybe you didn’t even put your various activities on your calendar at all—you just left them on your growing list 

You attack your to-do list “willy-nilly”, with the only prioritization being who was yelling the loudest 

Yes, you may be getting things done—assuming you are doing the work 

Completing tasks this way can seem very haphazard and sometimes feel overwhelming 

But are you working smart and with purpose? Probably not. 

I want to propose a new way of getting things done 

Each week decide what you want to accomplish by the end of the week 

Define what result you want to achieve 

From that space, work backwards through the days to prioritize and place in order the activities you will need to complete to get the result you desire 

Makes sense, right!?! 

You then are working smarter, on purpose, with clear direction, and increasing your potential to actually meet your goal 

Try it! Try scheduling your week with the result in mind. It works!! 

I can help you. 

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!