I’ve Failed… Again

How many times have you failed? 

Do you just give up? 

Or, do you try again? 

I’ve failed many, many times. 

I laugh at it now.  

I tell my friends that I am like one of those old blow-up punching bags we had as kids, do you remember those? 

I tip over, I fall off track, I might even lose all my air, BUT… I dust myself off, I take a breath, get back up, and take another step forward. 

As I grow as a human being and as a business owner, I know that growing is going to be a long, bumpy road. 

A road of missed turns, of flat tires, and running out of gas 

I have the amazing opportunity to learn from these failures… and so do you. 

Trust me, growth won’t be all fails. 

There will be many days of great success, of joy and satisfaction. 

When we don’t give up, these failures become worthy fails—failing well. 

Worthy fails because there was so much learning and pride in know that I won’t give up. 

Are your ready to fail well? 

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!