I Have Peace

Making a bold decision can be scary.

Most times it is unnerving.

Feelings like anxious, scared, and nervous are normal.

I made a bold decision last week.

In addition to the feelings I just mentioned, I did a lot of crying.

However, in just a couple of hours, I realized I was feeling PEACE. Wow!

Peace or peaceful was not a feeling I even entertained as possible—definitely not at that moment.

But here I was, now, feeling peace and calm.

Such a different place from my “flight” response when I was considering my bold decision.

Can you relate?

When was the last time you felt anxious, scared, or nervous?

Was it last week, last month, or just 2 hours ago?

What I realized—what I know to be true—is that I was having all those negative feelings because of the thoughts I was having.

Thoughts like, “The ladies are going to think you are crazy, Cindy”, “They are going to want out of the group”, “They are going to think I am not worthy to lead the group”.

I am so glad I didn’t allow those negative, unproductive thoughts hold me back from being my most authentic self at that moment.

I was blessed and humbled by the positive, supportive comments that flowed from that group of ladies.

Thank you.

I hit a nerve… a good nerve… the “funny bone” per se.

I can’t wait to continue the conversation.

Let me have you consider this…

A positive feeling, far, far away from your negative feeling, is totally possible.

Reach out to me and Let’s Talk!