I Don’t Feel Like It

How many times a day do we say, “I don’t feel like it”?

We may not say it out loud, but our brain still thinks it

Why don’t we feel like doing something we were asked to do or that we put on our own schedule?

Distractions like social media, the dog wants to go for a walk, a luncheon invitation

“I don’t feel motivated”

“The sun is shining, and I want to go outside”

Virtually, we want to do anything EXCEPT what has been planned

Why? Because our brains don’t want to do anything different

Our brains like simple, repetitive tasks

Our brains like to be LAZY!

Wow! One of the most powerful things in this world wants to be lazy!?!?

No wonder we are in a constant state of arguing with ourselves

How can I overcome and overpower my lazy brain?

Be diligent in your awareness of the thoughts and the feelings, actions and results that come from those thoughts

Commit to following through on your plans

Feeling committed comes from an intentional thought that you have about your schedule, about the things you put on your calendar

Something like “I will honor my calendar today. And, ultimately honoring myself in the process.”

When you think that thought, and believe that thought, it may create the feeling of committed

When you are committed, what do you do?

Anything you put on your calendar!

Guess what?

Your result will be that you honored your calendar that day and you’ve honored yourself.

Simple, but hard

Hard because overpowering your lazy brain takes practice. Lots of practice!!

I can help you do this!

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