Do You Like Your Results?


Your results come from the actions you take. 

Your actions come from feelings—the drivers of your actions 

And, all feelings come from our thoughts—what we make things mean in the world 

So, what results are you creating in your life? 

  • You crushed your goals 
  • You still don’t like yourself 
  • You wrote the blog 
  • You passed the test 
  • You finished the project 
  • You didn’t follow your calendar 
  • You won the award 
  • You didn’t meet your goal 

Do you like your results? 

If not, look back at the actions you took to get your current result 

Is that where the breakdown happened? 

I’m sure that we could follow it all the way to your original thought. 

That’s where it all began—positive or negative. 

If you want to create a certain result, start there… work backwards… 

What do you need to DO to get that result? 

What do you need to feel to get you to do the work, the actions? 

And, finally, what thought do you need to think, to believe, to get you to a feeling that will be strong enough to drive the actions that lead to the result you desire? 

If you don’t like your results, make changes…starting with your thoughts! 

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