Have you heard the term “Squirrel”?

That’s when you find yourself distracted by every sound, person, and shiny object

It is so easy to be distracted when you have an underlying feeling of doubt, confusion, or overwhelm

We easily flee from what we were working on, today’s to-do list

To forget about our responsibilities and get lost in the moment of “distraction”

All it does—the moment of distraction- is prolong the inevitable

Our task, our to-do’s, those goals will still be there when the shiny object has lost its shine

Just imagine all the time and energy that is lost when you play like the Squirrel

Instead, when you focus on the task at hand, turn off or remove yourself from distractions

You move forward

You get things done

You get closer to meeting your goals

You become very efficient at being the most productive You possible

And, you end up having time to PLAY, on purpose

How often do you find yourself acting like the Squirrel?

What’s going on inside of you?

What thoughts and feelings are driving you to act like the Squirrel?

You probably haven’t even noticed the correlation

I can help

As your coach, I can help you gain awareness of your thoughts and feelings

As your coach, I can teach you how to focus on your results and work backwards—deciding what actions you need to take, what feelings will drive your actions, and finally, what thoughts you need to be thinking to get you moving forward.

Are you ready?

I am passionate about helping you live your best life!

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!