I Have Peace

Making a bold decision can be scary.

Most times it is unnerving.

Feelings like anxious, scared, and nervous are normal.

I made a bold decision last week.

In addition to the feelings I just mentioned, I did a lot of crying.

However, in just a couple of hours, I realized I was feeling PEACE. Wow!

Peace or peaceful was not a feeling I even entertained as possible—definitely not at that moment.

But here I was, now, feeling peace and calm.

Such a different place from my “flight” response when I was considering my bold decision.

Can you relate?

When was the last time you felt anxious, scared, or nervous?

Was it last week, last month, or just 2 hours ago?

What I realized—what I know to be true—is that I was having all those negative feelings because of the thoughts I was having.

Thoughts like, “The ladies are going to think you are crazy, Cindy”, “They are going to want out of the group”, “They are going to think I am not worthy to lead the group”.

I am so glad I didn’t allow those negative, unproductive thoughts hold me back from being my most authentic self at that moment.

I was blessed and humbled by the positive, supportive comments that flowed from that group of ladies.

Thank you.

I hit a nerve… a good nerve… the “funny bone” per se.

I can’t wait to continue the conversation.

Let me have you consider this…

A positive feeling, far, far away from your negative feeling, is totally possible.

Reach out to me and Let’s Talk!

Mirror, Mirror…

“The best mirror is an old friend”. – George Herbert 

I was talking with a friend recently. 

She said to me, “What happened to me? What happened to my body? What happened to my face? When did I get old?”  

Of course, I laughed at her assessment of herself and told her she was beautiful.  

To me, she was that same poised, put together, beautiful girl—now lady– that I’ve known for over 40 years.  

When we are that “old friend”, we see more than just the physical attributes of another.  

We see our friend’s heart, soul, and being—the total package.  

Oh, and not to fool ourselves, that old friend sees our not-so-pretty parts too.  

I want a friend that sees me for me—the good, bad, and the ugly—and loves me anyway.  

Do you have a friend like that? Are you a friend like that? 

What do you think about being that friend to yourself?  

Instead of being so darn critical of ourselves, why not try to be your “best friend”?  

I dare you!!