Are You Making Time For You?

Are YOU on your own calendar? Do you make appointments with YOURSELF?

As a woman, a mother, a business owner, or wife, did you make time for YOU today?

It is so easy for us to fill our schedule with work appointments, taking children to school events, and making ourselves available to friends and family

When the day is over, we often realize that we did not take time for ourselves

Does that sound like you?

Just how can you take time for yourself when you believe there is no time?

Plan personal and free time first


Yes, you heard me right

Plan personal and free time first!

This is not about being selfish or selfish about your time

This is about self-care!

It is a simple process, really…

At the beginning of each week, put time for yourself on your calendar, first and foremost

Then, fill in appointments and work obligations

I don’t recommend filling in every minute and hour of every day

You will want to have some breathing room—flex time for those unexpected opportunities in your day

Like I said, it is a simple process, but why is it so difficult for us to follow through?

Because we have “mind drama”, we start doubting our decision, something always comes up and we won’t want to do it right then…

I can help you manage your “mind drama” around scheduling self-care activities into your life

Let me help you live your best life…let’s talk!